26196363_10157143813354012_2257989194787217756_nMy artistic practice is primarily  oil painting. Drawing on my diverse experiences in medical science, theology and art psychotherapy I explore ideas in my work around sexuality and spirituality and the impact of place on our sense of self. For me painting is an exercise in fully embodied spirituality. Over the last 8 years I have worked in Sheffield city centre to found and develop an artspace that engages in enriching creativity, spirituality and community. Now that this artspace is self-sufficient, and I have handed over responsibility for its management, I am able to go even deeper into my painting practice.

In July 2015 I organised an expedition with an international group of artists along with a documentary film crew to the Hebridean Island of Iona where we engaged in “Wild Curating” which involved making and exhibiting art out in the wilderness. Some of my paintings emerge from the experiences of that trip, they explore encountering the wilderness and resonances with other, deeper, aspects of my life. This was the beginning of a wider project for me as I explored the impact of place on who we are. I seek to explore, through my painting, the question that psychogeographer Robert Macfarlane in his book ‘The Old Ways’ suggests that we ask of any strong landscape: “What do I know here that I can know nowhere else?” and “What does this place know of me that I cannot know of myself?”. In 2017 I took time travelling along the Californian Pacific Coast to explore the same question, meditating in the Ocean wilderness spaces.

In 2018 I completed my MFA in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University.

Some of my art writing that explores the interplay of queer sexuality and spirituality was recently published in “A Queer Anthology of Rage” and I am currently working with a group of artists in Sheffield to develop a Queer artists’ collective.


Selected Exhibitions

“Provocations” (2018) Bloc Studios, Sheffield

“Wonder Voyage” (2018) Solo show, Abbeydale Picture House, Sheffield

“Chrom-Art international art festival” (2017) Bargehouse, OXO Tower, Southbank, London

“Being/animal” (2017) Old market gallery, Rotherham

“Being/animal” (2017) 35 Chapel Walk Sheffield

“Hidden” (2016) Nude Tin Can Gallery, St Albans

“Urban” (2016) Nude Tin Can Gallery, St Albans

“Freedom” (2015) St Johns College arts festival, Durham

“LGBT film festival & exhibition” (2015) The Bureau Art centre, Blackburn

“Urban Stillness” (2015) Cupola Gallery, Sheffield

“Stillness” (2015) Bloc Studios Gallery, Sheffield

“Stations of the Cross 2015” (2015) 35 Chapel Walk Gallery Sheffield

“Ash” (2014) 35 Chapel Walk Gallery Sheffield

“Advent & Adventure “ (2013) Holy biscuit Newcastle

“Sacred stories of the body” (2013) 35 Chapel Walk Gallery, Sheffield

“Seven Shrines of the Body “ (2013) installation. Greenbelt arts festival, Cheltenham

“Hidden Perspectives, bringing the Bible out of the Closet”.(2013) Workstation Sheffield

 “Advent adventure” (2012) Left Bank Leeds

 “Notte Bianca” (2012) Florence Methodist Church, Florence,  Italy

“ADVENTurous” (2011) engedi arts Llandudno

 “Wilderness” (2011) Curator and exhibiting artist, Wesley Hall Sheffield

“Via Crucis” (2010) Curator and exhibiting artist, Banner Cross Church Sheffield


Community art projects

Street Art (2012) Parson Cross, Sheffield

“Soul of Sheffield” (2013) community art installation, Sheffield


“Wild Curating: Iona” (participating artist and project leader) released 2016


BSc (medical science) – Sheffield University (1997)

MA (theology) – Leeds Metropolitan University (2001)

MA (Art psychotherapy) – Leeds Metropolitan University (2009)

MFA (Fine Art) – Sheffield Hallam University (2018)